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I Secretly Recorded my Boyfriend

Jo was so astounded with some of the things her boyfriend said that she started secretly recording him (seriously, he doesn't have a clue).


Each week she shares the funniest, most shocking and downright weird bits with her two friends, as they judge the state of her love life.

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I Made My Girlfriend Watch Wrestling

Iain thinks his relationship will be improved if his girlfriend, Bobbie, shares his love of wrestling.


Join them on their sofa every Tuesday as he makes her sit through some of the most famous wrestling matches of all time.

Thought you couldn't compare the WWE with Sex and the City? Think again!

If your partner has a passion that you're baffled by, then this is the podcast for you.

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We want women to feel un-ashamed about enjoying sex and being promiscuous in the modern world.

Each episode Katy, G & Bitzy will pull four subjects out of the Sexpot and have a free-flowing discussion about them, using their own experiences as a basis for the chat.

We’re not experts, just enthusiasts.

Join is every Monday in the Sexpots dungeon.

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The Secret World of Slimming Clubs

It's not about dieting, it's about being on a diet.

We'll be there through the gains and the maintains and will always admit to that second slice of cake.

Tell all your friends. But not your group leader.

Most Magical Podcast on Earth

Whether you're a seasoned veteran, mad about Mickey or a Disney novice planning your first holiday, the Most Magical Podcast on Earth is full of the latest news, tips and stories from the House of the Mouse to help you get the most out of your holiday.

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